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The Value of a Women's Ministry/Retreat

A Women’s Ministry and Women’s Retreat, is designed to empower, encourage, strengthen, and equip women by helping them understand their true need for God. A Women’s Ministry and Women’s Retreat will provide opportunities for women to identify their true identity in Christ, to use their unique God given gifts for the purpose of harvesting other women for God’s kingdom.


What is the goal of a Women's Retreat?

  • Establish a place of peace for women to retreat for a short time from their everyday lives.

  • To have quiet time with God or engage in fellowship with other women believers.

  • To enter into a place of rest in an environment that is conducive to allow the Holy Spirit to bring us peace, healing, comfort, joy, love and even Godly correction.

Image by Luis Alberto Sánchez Terrones

What is the goal of a Women's Ministry?

  • To assist women with spiritual growth.

  • Fellowship and Community.

  • To Worship, Pray and Praise our God.

  • Bible Reading and Study.

  • Increase women participation in serving the Lord.

  • To help women start or maintain an effective prayer life.

  • To equip women and make disciples.

  • Separate ourselves from the men to discuss women’s health issues or issues that affect the mind, body, and spirit.

  • Provide an opportunity for women to use their gifts to help other women come to the knowledge of Jesus Christ and Salvation for all.


The Vision 

Rekindled Women's Ministry is an extension of The Church ministry. It is a safe place for women to connect, grow in the knowledge of God's Word, His Holy Bible, to learn, to equip, and provide the resources to help them properly heal. Rekindled Women's Ministry was birthed from a retreat that took place in 2022.  This retreat included 12 women. These women were healed from trauma, they struggled with unforgiveness, and still they had a burning desire to want more of God, His Holy Spirit and to grow in the knowledge of Jesus Christ. The vision of this ministry is to help women heal from past traumatic experiences, to equip them to walk in their purpose, to disciple them, fellowship, worship and praise together, and love them so that the fire and desire to serve the Lord would be rekindled again.

Image by Rosie Sun

If you are interested in finding out more information or would like to contribute towards our cause, please contact us by clicking here. 

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